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Harmandir Sahib Free PNG Illustration

Harmandir Sahib Illustration

The Golden Temple (Harmandir Sahib) is in the city...

2020.04.13 to Download Page
Temple of Literature Van Mieu Free PNG Illustration

Temple of Literature Van Mieu Illustration

The Temple of Literature is a Temple of Confucius ...

2020.01.28 to Download Page
Wat Arun Free PNG Illustration

Wat Arun Illustration

Wat Arun is a Buddhist temple (wat) in Bangkok, Th...

2019.06.06 to Download Page
Lungshan Temple Free PNG Illustration

Lungshan Temple Illustration

Bangka Lungshan Temple is a Chinese folk religious...

2019.05.17 to Download Page
Golden Rock Free PNG Illustration

Golden Rock Illustration

Kyaiktiyo Pagoda (also known as Golden Rock) is a ...

2019.04.25 to Download Page
Pha That Luang Free PNG Illustration

Pha That Luang Illustration

Pha That Luang is a gold-covered large Buddhist st...

2019.04.08 to Download Page
Kaminarimon Free PNG Illustration

Kaminarimon Illustration

The Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate) is large gates that...

2019.03.13 to Download Page
Wat Xieng Thong Free PNG Illustration

Wat Xieng Thong Illustration

Wat Xieng Thong is a Buddhist temple (wat) on the ...

2019.02.03 to Download Page
Shwedagon Pagoda Free PNG Illustration

Shwedagon Pagoda Illustration

The Shwedagon Pagoda is a gilded stupa located in ...

2019.01.08 to Download Page
Boudhanath Free PNG Illustration

Boudhanath Illustration

Boudhanath is a stupa in Kathmandu, Nepal. The Apr...

2018.12.29 to Download Page
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